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\"Red alert, shields up, cloak ship!\" Surf to your favorite websites safely with our help, whether you\'re at work or school, in the office or classroom. Using our free web proxy you can unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook, unblock Twitter and many more, all for free. We help to safeguard your online experience too by hiding your real identity and masking your location through our fast server located in the United States. Send emails and messages, watch movies and videos, even play games online or just surf anonymously if that\'s what you need to do, we\'re here 24/7 x 365 for your entertainment and delight. Tell your friends and colleagues about us too, Tweet, Digg, Stumble, Favorite, Plus One and LIKE us, there\'s a Bookmark & Share link above to help. Spread the word and stay safe online.


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Please note: For some websites to display properly you\'ll need to uncheck the \'Remove Scripts\' in [Options] above, and/or use the mobile (cell) or lite versions if available. Some sites might need links opening in a new window/tab. This is beyond our control and shouldn\'t spoil your enjoyment.
Also note: Proxied page links cannot be shared online, they\'re different everytime to protect our users and guarantee anonymity for everyone.

Why \"Cloak Ship\"? It comes from the Sci-Fi world of Star Trek™ and Stargate™ as well as other notable movies and TV series. It means to \'make invisible\' so as not to be seen, there\'s even a cloak of invisibilty in the Harry Potter™ movies. We have been set up to provide a \'cloak\' to make your internet browsing invisible, you can still be detected of course but it\'s not so easy to track your movements especially if you appear to be somewhere else. Browsing through us gives you a new U.S. IP address and you can delete your cookies easily too. See our Instructions and FAQ pages for more information. We are free to use as well, so take advantage of our generosity :)

Privacy on the Internet Internet privacy has always been an issue but nowadays it\'s becoming more and more important to everyone, even in developed countries. Advertisers and governments track internet users with sophisticated methods for a variety of reasons, advertisers to serve you more relevent ads hoping to make more money for their sponsors, and governments to keep the status quo. Most are harmless of course but not all, using a web proxy or vpn will hide your real location and mask your surfing habits from all trackers, good or bad, and keep prying eyes away from your business and pleasure pursuits because after all, it\'s no ones business or pleasure but yours. Stay safe online and keep surfing anonymously.